Imagine not having to worry about money. What would you put your energy towards instead? At Seek the Plan, we help you eliminate financial stressors distracting you from pursuing your passions. As your finances improve, you’ll begin to feel more empowered to chase your dreams.

  • Financial Checkup and Spending Plan

    Money Management

    Financial Checkup and Spending Plan

    Determine where you stand financially and implement plans to improve over time.

  • Eliminate Debt and Boost Credit

    Debt and Credit Management

    Eliminate Debt and Boost Credit

    Implement strategies to help minimize your debt, all while improving your credit rating.

  • Plan for the long term and unforeseen

    Investment and Protection Planning

    Plan for the long term and unforeseen

    While taking care of today, be sure to plan for the future and manage your risks.

  • Melissa Mazard

    Melissa Mazard

    Money Mentor and Advisor

    I believe a major part of my purpose in life is to use my experiences and passion for finance to help other purpose-driven individuals develop behaviors and plans that will lead to their financial success and empowerment. My mission is simple – help clients experience the joys and comfort of financial stability so they can clear their minds and focus on fulfilling their dreams.


  • Planners feel more confident about their money and their futures. When there's a plan, you're more likely to take the steps towards achieving your goals.

  • Financial planning helps reduce stress. When you know what's happening with your money, you are more empowered. You're equipped to make choices to become more successful with money.

  • Research has shown that households that work with a professional financial planner were more likely to make better financial decisions than those without a planner.

Stop Letting Your Finances Hold You Back

Get your money in order so you can move forward with your dreams.